Rationale of the project

TRANS-TOOLS ("TOOLS for TRansport Forecasting ANd Scenario testing") is a European transport network model that has been developed in collaborative projects funded by the European Commission Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) and DG TREN.

The various Commission services addressing transport issues have agreed to use TRANSTOOLS as the main model for policy analysis and have appointed IPTS as the model's Reference Centre.

The objective of the recent project (TT3) is to upgrade and further develop the current TRANSTOOLS model to a new and improved European transport network model – in short the TT3 model framework.

Project concept

The mission is to improve the methodological basis of the model, improve and validate its data foundation, deal with known deficiencies of the existing model, make the software more efficient, and focus on the user needs, model documentation and model validation.

The project will develop TT3 to be a validated user friendly model that will provide policy makers with a tool for assessing and developing better transport policies.

The final model of TT3 will be Intellectual Property Rights free as far as possible and more open than the present model.